Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Shopping. Shopping. Shopping... The real meaning of Christmas.

Christmas Day... Otherwise known as, "Let's see who can spend the most money and have the best gifts-day."
There is a "real" meaning to Christmas, regardless of whether or not you're religious. For centuries, Christmas has been both a secular, and religious holiday... (for further information regarding the history of the holiday, go to 
So why all of the sudden has the meaning of this glorious day changed into a competition between families to see who has the most expensive gifts? 
Yep. I couldn't answer that question either. It doesn't make sense for the world to waste a day that is simply dedicated to charity. No one can deny the happy feeling that this time of year brings.
Soft snow falls, the smell of peppermint, and family togetherness all add to the wonderful feeling of Christmas time. It doesn't matter if you happen to believe in Christ; even if you don't, there is a bigger meaning to Christmas. 
Christmas is all about love and service. You don't need to have a belief in a God to understand that Christmas time is all about loving each other and having a willingness to serve.
It's time that we re-think Christmas. What are children learning about Christmas these days? That it is a day where they get a countless number of gifts, or that it is a day where they get to learn to love all those around them?
The commercialization of Christmas is something that perhaps cannot be stopped. But I have a firm belief in mankind, and just as Anne Frank said, "I believe that people are really good at heart." I hope that people come to understand that goodness and are able to see it in other people. 
I would like to wish you all happy holidays. And it is my hope that we all emulate the "Christmas Spirit" and give something to someone who has less than we do this holiday season.

And for your viewing pleasure, here is an awesome video that plainly states, it's not all about the gifts...

Monday, December 5, 2011

Bullying And New Media

Recently, a friend of mine shared a video with me that has begun to go viral. And I'll share it with you now.

My heart breaks for Jonah Mowry. But what I find especially upsetting is that others have similar stories to his. YouTube is new form of media that, in recent years has been the outlet for so many people. It has given people like Jonah Mowry the opportunity to share their stories and seek the support that they need so badly. 
But we must be careful. New media like social networking sites and YouTube have also become places where bullying has found a new home. While bullying still happens in school yards across the world, the vast expanses of the internet have now become its new home.
New media allows populations of people everywhere to connect themselves to those who mean the most. All the while, allowing people to tear down those who they hate the most. Let us be cautious in how we choose to utilize this new media. Let us use this media for the greater good, rather than putting others down like Jonah Mowry.