Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mission Statement

Blogs. Facebook. Twitter.
All examples of social media that have literally taken over our culture.

Status updates and tweets have not only taken the youth of our nation by storm, but many political and economic issues have now found a presence amongst the various forms of social media.
Social media has now been linked to numerous revolutions occurring all over the world.
Immense does not even begin to describe the effect social media now has on society today.
My goal with this blog is to show how much power social media now has in our world. Delving into political issues, I will attempt to show how social media has either skewed or supported certain political agendas.
Our country is currently in an economic crisis. A crisis that has become close to home for many Americans. Politicians and economists are now using social media to influence the American people to take action and change our country.
For those of you that are still skeptical about the power that comes with all forms of social media, here's a video that was made for you.

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