Monday, December 5, 2011

Bullying And New Media

Recently, a friend of mine shared a video with me that has begun to go viral. And I'll share it with you now.

My heart breaks for Jonah Mowry. But what I find especially upsetting is that others have similar stories to his. YouTube is new form of media that, in recent years has been the outlet for so many people. It has given people like Jonah Mowry the opportunity to share their stories and seek the support that they need so badly. 
But we must be careful. New media like social networking sites and YouTube have also become places where bullying has found a new home. While bullying still happens in school yards across the world, the vast expanses of the internet have now become its new home.
New media allows populations of people everywhere to connect themselves to those who mean the most. All the while, allowing people to tear down those who they hate the most. Let us be cautious in how we choose to utilize this new media. Let us use this media for the greater good, rather than putting others down like Jonah Mowry. 

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